My goal is to foster creativity, imagination, social awareness, love of language, writing, story and song.

  • All programs are a combination of songs and stories and fit beautifully into language arts curriculum and pyp programs of inquiry. 
  • There is a consistent amount of audience participation with call and response. 
  • Presentations are humorous and highly engaging. Everyone has a wonderful time.  No one is left out.   
  • The songs and stories are diverse in content from Camels With Runny Noses to a girl named Burp- a poignant tale about name calling. 
  • The audience is taken on an enjoyable journey of wit and wisdom, love and compassion, imagination and creativity.

What's a Courtney Campbell Performance Like?
The first thing you will hear in any Courtney Campbell performance is laughter. The first thing you will see is an entire audience instantly transfixed, all attention on Courtney. The next thing you will hear is children singing, with great enthusiasm, everything Courtney is teaching them to sing . The next thing you will see is a room full of young people, beaming with joy, totally engaged in the performance. In story and in song Courtney always invites the audience in and the audience always wholeheartedly accepts the invitation. 

Early Years -Foundation Stage One and Two
Nursery & Reception & Pre-School

Program Length: 30 to 40 minutes ( 30 minutes for 2 and ‘early’ 3 year olds, 40 minutes for the older children)
The program is filled with highly interactive enjoyable and engaging songs and stories. It is totally suitable for young children who are developing English proficiency. There is a lot of call and response and fun. Courtney's warmth and respect for the children sets them at ease.  They quickly find themselves willing to participate and sing and having a really good time.

Key Stage One and Two- Years 1-4
Kindergarten through Third Grade 
Program Length: 45 to 50 minutes
The program is highly interactive and filled with songs and stories.   Courtney selects from a range of stories depending on the audience. She almost always tells the story about   Burp a poignant one about name calling or The Boy Who Loved Band Aids, a funny  teaching story about too much of anything  being too much. 

Years 5 & 6 and Grades 4 & 5
Program Length: 45 to 50 minutes
This program  focuses almost entirely on storytelling and writing.  Courtney shares hilarious and touching stories from her life.   As with the other groups she tells the story of Burp which stimulates discussion about bullying and students' personal experiences with it.  Courtney's approach to writing, how she gets an idea what she does with it once she has it, is woven throughout the program.  She is passionate about encouraging young people to write and, through her engaging storytelling style,  lets them know what to do with an idea once you get it.