When I was between the ages of three and six, about thirteen years ago, you were my favorite thing on the planet. I went to see you play live once and got a signed CD, which I recently found. You made a huge impact on my childhood and really want to thank you for it! PS, I find it almost impossible to eat pancakes without mustard thanks to you. :)  Anya 

You came to perform at my school,  Mark Twain Elementary School in Heidelberg,Germany. The details are a bit fuzzy, but I was young.  Despite my hazy recollection of those times, I distinctly recall running all around the house saying "my name is Burp!" and singing about Mo and Mustard Pancakes. To this day I recall the chorus of Mustard Pancakes. I wanted to let you know that I remember you all these years later, your work will always have a place in my heart and mind, and should I eventually have kids, maybe we'll end up singing about Mustard Pancakes together. S.J. -United States

I used to go to the British Primary in Brussels from 1998 to 2000. I owned many of your tapes!  I can recite your songs and stories word for word, even in the specific voices! I'm grown up now but I still randomly burst out into "See How the Garden Grows" and "The Camel With a Runny Nose" I want to be a performer like you when I grow up, singing and telling stories to kids! Thanks for inspiring me!  Former Student- Brussels, Belgium