For students, teachers and parents
All workshops for students  contribute  beautifully  to PYP programs of inquiry and Language Arts curriculum. Workshops can be tailored specifically to where your students are  in their studies and development.  All workshops are interactive and enjoyable and are presented in a comfortable, supportive and non- judgmental style.



The Bing Book is meant  to inspire students’ participation in the creative process by giving them a set of tools they can use to nurture and develop their own imagination and creative voice. Students learn that their ideas come from a unique inner voice, Courtney calls their “ inner app.” An inspiring idea is like a lightbulb turning on inside your head, which Courtney calls a “bing!” Using her engaging storytelling style, Courtney shares how she attentively listens to her own inner app, writes down emerging ideas, and then develops them her Bing Book. 

THE BING BOOK--imagining and creating--This is an excellent workshop for all disciplines.

Where do Ideas come from?  What do you do once you have an idea.

Suitable for first through fifth grade and years two through six.

Workshop Length: 45-60 minutes 

Student’s dig deeper into  the Bing Book concept.  Some people hear their ideas while others see images in their heads. Students will learn to recognize and pay attention to their own inner app. They will be given their own Bing Books and will have time to work in them using the tools they are given to develop their ideas. Students will play improvisation games that stimulate imagination and encourage to believe in their ideas no matter how out of the box they may seem. They will learn there is no  such thing as a bad idea. It is important to write  all ideas down censorship.  Sometimes the craziest ideas turn out to be really good ones!


Learning to tell stories contributes to language development, a student’s wellbeing, confidence in speaking in front of others, love of language, writing and story. Storytelling helps students make sense of the world inside and outside of them and is a wonderful support for social and emotional learning.

STORYTELLING FOR STUDENTS-suitable for kindergarten through fifth grade and year one through six
Workshop Length: 45-60 minutes 

When we tell stories we have to be expressive.  Students will learn and practice basic storytelling techniques. They will play games and do exercises that focus on being expressive.  They will participate in a story circle where they  make up stories.  This is a highly interactive and fun workshop.


Workshop Length: 60 to 90 minutes 

Storytelling is enjoyable and important for families to do together. Making up stories and telling together creates bonds that last forever. Making up stories together helps children develop their imaginations and confidence in sharing their ideas. Oh and, it's fun! Family stories are as important as family photos. It is important for parents and children to share stories from their lives together and individually. Storytelling helps children make sense of the world around them and inside of them. We will work on basic storytelling techniques and on ways to help children tell stories and to tell and make up stories together. We will also work on ways to build family story albums.