International School Teachers
 I know all the feedback-from teachers and children- has been so positive. You truly are an expert in all your fields  and kept our children engaged throughout the presentations and workshops. They really did enjoy what you did , and I'm sure each and every one of them learnt something from the time they spent with you. If you're ever back in Bangkok, please let me know. We'd welcome you back with open arms. Enjoy the rest of your tour. Leanne Magee Year 6 Teacher & Primary Literacy Coordinator St. Andrews International School Bangkok

Last Thursday and Friday all our Primary students were lucky to be thoroughly entertained by a visiting singer/songwriter, author and story teller – Courtney Campbell. Courtney has visited many schools all over the world, showing her presentations to children and running storytelling workshops. Our students (and teachers!) found her to be extremely funny and talented, and the students who attended her workshops gained a valuable insight into how to be a great story teller, which is a wonderful way to improve speaking skills. From the newsletter for St. Andrews International School Bangkok

Truly - you have inspired me to push myself to try something new in my teaching (and in my creative musical journey through life!!) and I appreciate any and all suggestions. I just love your gift of storytelling through music and hope to develop my skills in that direction.Thank you for coming in and playing with our team - I've already tried the Singing King with my wee Kindys - and they loved helping me with the story and singing it all over again with me!!  I hope you know you are making a difference in this world - and in the hearts of wee little ones and BIG ones like me!! Thank you!   Leanne- Singapore American School-ES Music

I had some wonderful feedback from PREP and grade 1 teachers about your performance on Monday. They absolutely loved your show and loved how you engaged the little ones.  Lots of funTanja Kerbs...2nd grade teacher Canadian International School Hong Kong

Courtney Campbell is an engaging performer who captivated and inspired the students. She was also very flexible in adapting her performance schedule to meet the needs of the school. I would whole-heartedly recommend her to other schools. Derek Pinchbek-PYP Coordinator-International School of Nanjing-China

Courtney knows how to communicate with children from Nursery right up to Year 6 and she can adjust her performances to suit them all. During her visit, countless children approached Courtney to say hello and to ask questions and she took the time to speak to all of them. They all wanted a little bit more. Children not only had the chance to participate in dramatic improvised performances but they also got to see their teachers have a go too! Staff and pupils benefitted from two full days of unforgettable drama, story-telling and singing performances and workshops. Rachael Blair Year 2 teacher and Literacy Coordinator  The British School Beijing

My second graders absolutely loved your visit to St. Mary's this week.  They were engaged in every word you spoke and sang. I also have to express my thanks to you, personally, for the energy and love for children you shared so generously with us. One of my colleagues' go-to phrases is "No Silliness!"  So, your uninhibited silliness was a breath of fresh air for the students and for me. Even your audience  management was wonderful (the water bottle and stepping away from the mic...brilliant).Bless you in all your work (and play) with all the kids you touch. Brad White-St. Mary's International School-Tokyo

Schools in The United States

 Thank you so much for the wonderful performance last week! The kids in my class are still talking about it! Also my 4 yr. old daughter got a guitar for her birthday and as soon as she opened it she said " yes...I can be like Courtney Campbell now"! You're amazing! Kelley Buchanan-Teacher St. Patrick's Montessori School Kennewick, WA!

I loved seeing you again today! You are my most favorite and the songs and stories you bring to children/parents/teachers/ the WORLD, is so rich, fun, genuine and fun.Thank you for coming to my room and for everything you create, are and do! Hilary Cate-Teacher The Children's School Austin, Texas

In my first grade we must listen to you  at least 3 times a week from now until the end of the year.  I always put it on when we are doing art projects. I'll  take a picture of them the next time we do an art project while singing along to your music.  You are very talented. Your music always makes me sing along and smile. Suzanne Wells- First Grade Teacher in Sunderland , MA .