Courtney, ever since the day you performed in Tenby KL, my daughter has not stopped talking about you, your performance (for more than a week) , asking me to bring her to watch your performance again & how can she have your autograph. You have indeed turned on the light inside this dear girl. Keep up the great work and looking forward to meeting you.Parent-Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Thank you so much for the treat of seeing you perform again this past week!  It was truly food for the soul to hear you play, sing, and engage the children (and us!) in your imaginative and hilarious way! Our  grown son  remembered everything about you.  He even said to me, "Where's her red guitar?"  Parent-Los Angeles,CA

Courtney is one of the finest, most professional, fun and entertaining artists I know.   She performed weekly in my children's bookstore and our customers loved her. My grand children love seeing her in person and are always excited to hear her fabulous stories and sing along with her engaging music.  How lucky we all are to have Courtney in our lives.Laurie Sale, proud Nana and former owner Children's Book & Music Center-Santa Monica, CA

Thank you so much for your CDs!  The first time my children  listened to them (it was the camel with the runny nose), Emilia threw her head back and smiling with her whole body exclaimed "This is so funny!"  I am still trying to figure out how you do it but you obviously hit the spot.I am treasuring them (your CDs ... and the kids too) for hot days and rainy days and car trips and ...Vanessa-& Children-Washington,D.C.

What a wonderful talent you are!  We received wonderful feedback, and felt honored that you would perform at StoryFest. Nancy Merrick-Storyfest Festivals-Ojai,CA

Thank you so much for the CD . My son went wild when he saw it and we've listened to it at least four times already.  I hope his love for your music comes across. He sat so quietly to listen to "Burp" and then went hysterical over Mustard Pancakes. This is a little boy who can only go to school for a few hours a day because he just can't handle any more then that yet, he sits and listens to your whole CD over and over. You truly have a gift. Thanks for sharing it.  Randy's Mom